These are general questions and do not confirm any coverage on your individual policies.

Please contact our office for further review and how your policy will respond.

What information do you need for quoting?

There are many factors that are used for quoting. Here is some standard information that will be helpful to have before contacting our office.

  • Names of all drivers / household members
  • Driver license numbers
  • Social Security numbers
  • Vehicle information including year, make, model and vin number
  • Name and address of lien holder on any vehicle
  • Name of applicant
    • Individuals
    • Trust Name and members (if applicable)
  • Address of all locations
  • Information on home and any buildings including year built, square footage, heating, updates to roof, electrical, plumbing
  • Description of farming operations
  • Name of business and Tax ID number
  • Business start date
  • Description of operations / business
  • Number of employees

Why is replacement cost coverage different than the market value of my home?

Insurance looks at how much it will cost to replace your home. This is based on the square footage, updates, etc. and also takes into account the cost of materials and labor. The market value fluctuates with the economy.

Do I have enough coverage on my home?

We have seen the replacement value of homes increase significantly over the years. If you have any questions on your dwelling limit, please call our office to have one of our agents review your coverages and assist in determining the value needed on your home.

What coverage should I add on my vehicle?

The coverage needed depends on the vehicle. If there is a loan, you are required to have liability, comprehensive and collision coverage. If there is no loan, you can choose what coverage to put on the vehicle based on age, value, and condition.

  • Liability – provides coverage for damages you cause to the other party
  • Comprehensive/other than collision – provides coverage for your vehicle for damage caused by hail, theft, fire, animal hits, windshield damage, etc.
  • Collision – provides coverage for your vehicle for damage resulting from an accident you caused such as collision with another vehicle or object, sliding off the road in inclement weather, etc.

Why do I need an umbrella policy?

Umbrella policies are an excess liability policy that extends over other policies you may have such as auto and home/farm/business. Umbrella policy limits start at $1 million and can be increased in $1 million increments. In the event your underlying limits are exhausted, your umbrella policy will then pick up. If you do not have an umbrella policy, you may become personally responsible for any damages caused that your policy limits will not cover. Please contact our office to obtain a personalized quote.

Does Leugers Insurance need to know when I update my home?

It is always a good practice to update our staff on changes made to your home as these can affect your coverages. If renovations or updates are made, please contact our staff to review your policy coverages. Updates to your roof, electrical, heating and plumbing may affect your rate.

Do I have coverage for a rental car?

Your auto policy liability will extend to the named insured for a rental vehicle, however for physical damage to extend, your auto policy must have a vehicle with comprehensive and collision coverage. Typically, auto policies do not cover loss of use, diminished value, or administrative fees in the event of a claim with a rental car. You can also purchase insurance through the rental car company that may provide broader coverage than your personal auto. All drivers of the rental vehicle need to be listed on the rental agreement and should review coverage with their insurance agent.